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W Ośrodku Psychoterapii Psychodynamicznej Relacja prowadzimy psychoterapię dla osób w każdym wieku. Mamy w swoim gronie specjalistów zajmujących się pracą z dziećmi, młodzieżą, a także z osobami dorosłymi na różnych etapach życia. Swoją pracę poddajemy regularnym superwizjom, co daje naszym pacjentom gwarancję w pełni profesjonalnego podejścia.


Psychotherapy In English

If You need professional help with Your problems we conduct psychodynamic psychotherapy in English.

Psychodynamic therapy is a well developed method and its efficacy is scientifically proven. We start with preliminary meetings (consultations) where You have the opportunity to share Your problems with the therapist and the therapist can assess whether therapy is needed in Your case and what actions should be taken (sometimes You can be referred to another specialist i.e. a psychiatrist).  After the consultations the therapist and You  define the goals of therapy and the formalities.

Who is it for?

If You experience recurrent problems in Your private or professional life that have impact on the quality of Your life and cause suffering. You may experience it as:

• Fails in romantic relationships

• Conflicts in relationships

• Mood disorders

• Lack of satisfaction in life

• Eating disorders

• Anxiety

• Difficulties in emotional control

• Labile self-esteem

Because in psychodynamic therapy we focuse on changing underlying causes of the problems this kind of therapy is considered a long-therm one (usually lasts from a year up to several years – depending on the diagnosed problem and the patient’s goals). Dealing with causes - rather than symptoms solely - enable the effects of the therapy to be stable in time. Sessions take place face-to-face, once or twice a week.

Our therapists, who work with patients in english:

Beata Kuźma

Mateusz Stróżyński

Anna Kaczmarska- Pająk